Automotive Rust Preventives

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Automotive Rust Preventives

Protection for vehicle joints and interior

Main Products

Eco-friendly Automotive Rust Preventives

UseMain ProductsTYPEApplications ★ and Properties
Anti-rusting WAXUNDER-BODYWB950A1Water based★Wax for underbody of vehicles
- Water used as a solvent, almost no odor
ZERO-EMISSION★Wax for cavity of vehicles
- More than 98% of solid content, excellent penetration and anti-rusting
-Baking oven system needed for film formation.
SHIPPINGKATS 5080Water based★Vehicle surface protective agent for short period
- Water used as a solvent
- Easily removable
OthersM-800RWater based★Grit removers for coating factories
- Painting after spreading on grit in advance
- Easy removal including contaminants by using a water jet after application.
Under-body Coatings2710B
Water based★Protective under-body coatings for vehicles(Resin)
- Damping performance when applied in above
OthersW-222Water based★Short-period rust preventive for hoop
- Easy application for its excellent slipping