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Car & Machinery & Electronics Industry

For the past 43 years, we at Buhmwoo Chemicals have supplied over 1,500 clients with our quality metalworking fluids through our accumulated independent technology and know-how. Currently our clientele network grows wider, from our domestic market(South Korea), to China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mexico, thus giving us worth as a Global Corporation.

cutting and grinding oil

Cutting & Grinding Oil

Higher precision, extended life of tools, efficient operation : tool abrasion prevention, built-up edge prevention, friction prevention, chip elimination
cleaning oil

Cleaning Oil

Cleaning of pollutants such as oil, dust and grinding particles

Anti-Rusting Oil

Anti-rust effect for metal surfaces of large machines, structures, precision parts, electric & electronic parts

Quenching Fluid

Cooling agent in the quenching process : specialized cooling effect for stiffness

Metal Forming Oil

Even and dense metal structure at the time of molding to produce excellent surfaces for end products

Automotive Rust Preventives

Protection for vehicle joints and interior
Industrial Lubricant

Industrial Lubricant

Hydraulic working medium, lubricity for actuation part, cooling for high-speed rotors, speed reduction gear lubrication