Cleaning Oil

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Cleaning Oil

Cleaning of pollutants such as oil, dust and grinding particles

Main Products
TypeConditionCleaning TemperatureSteelNon-steelSteel + Non-steel
SprayHigh pressure25℃BW CLEAN W-610BW CLEAN W-520-
60℃BW CLEAN W-770
60℃BW CLEAN W-760
Immersion · Ultrasonic wavesBW CLEAN W-470
Special TypeCleaning oil for white rust reductionBW ALCOAT-1
Cleaning oil for equipment, and floorBW CLEAN W-108A
Rust removerBW-240P
Rubber lubricantBW-0431
Phosphate film removerBW REMOVER PR-2

Neat Cleaning Oil

Cleaning/DryingFlash Point (℃)IBP (℃)_minEP (℃)_maxSteel + Non-steel
Very Excellentbelow 3041140BW CLEAN NW-810
31~50145205BW CLEAN NW-542
Excellent51~70165215BW CLEAN NW-858
71~130165215BW CLEAN NW-8102